Russian Caravan Loose Leaf Tea (8 ounce Bulk Bag)

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Picture yourself sitting around the caravansary fire with your camels behind you in the courtyard as you sip an aromatic cup of Russian Caravan tea just brewed over the open fire in a samovar. Russian Caravan tea draws its name as it was originally transported by camel caravans from Asia to Europe by way of Russia using camel caravans. As a result, sometimes this tea has been called "camel caravan tea". It actually gets its smoky taste from the inclusion of lapsang souchong in the blend, but it definitely evokes memories of that smoky fireside on the long six-month journey to Europe.

Directions: Use one rounded teaspoon of tea leaves per cup of water; brew 3-4 minutes. You can also pour water over the used tea leaves and brew a second pot. Add 30 seconds to brewing time for each re-brew. Of course, for a really authentic experience, buy a samovar for brewing in.

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