Favorites 12-Variety Loose Leaf Tea Sampler with Green, Black, Oolong, and Pu-erh Loose Tea (12-tin Variety Pack)

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For the tea lover who loves real tea in every form it takes, enjoy green tea with its rich antioxidants and light taste. Experience oolong teas in that "between green & black" special flavor. Savor classic black teas from China and India. And luxuriate in the rich earthy pleasure of aged pu-erh tea.

Green Teas

Gunpowder green tea: Made by hand rolling green tea into tiny balls to retain nutrition
Sencha green tea: Mild amber tea with a Japanese name
Young Hyson green: Created from the young tender leaves of spring

Oolong Teas

Formosa Oolong: Classic Taiwanese oolong tea as served in many Chinese restaurants
Magnolia Oolong: A low oxidation oolong almost like green tea, naturally scented with magnolia flowers
BT Oolong: A darker oolong almost like black tea, known for a lower caffeine content

Black Teas

Keemun Black Tea: A bold taste and a dark almost burgundy wine tea from China
China Black Tea: A great neutral cup of tea without bitterness, popular for making iced tea and kombucha as it doesn't cloud.
Nilgiri BOPF: A single estate tea from southern India

Pu-erh TeasTeas

Loose Pu-erh: With initial aging 8 weeks, this tea will continue to improve just like a young wine.
Pellet Pu-erh: Pu-erh pellets come in quantities of 6 weighing 5 grams each, re-brew many times
Vanilla Pu-erh: Same pu-erh taste & health benefits of classic pu-erh but with a sweet hint of organic vanilla

Note re tea tins: 4oz tea tins refers to volume not weight [as weight of tea varies]. Each tin is 2.6 in. wide and 2 in. tall.

4.250 x 6.500 x 8.500


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