Gamesmen of Kasar & Mistywood (Corgi Edition)

Solo Module, Fantasy Role Playing Game (Corgi UK Edition)
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A Tunnels and Trolls Two-in-One Adventure

(From the back cover)
The Proclamation has gone out, daring you to enter the dungeon of Kasar. You will win your weight in gold if you battle through to the end of it, but are you fast enough to dodge razor-sharp blades, quick enough to evade the fangs of giant serpents and brave enough to pass through the gauntlet of Doom?

You are on the run from kasar, accused of killing the Grand Duke's son: nothing would have made you stop at the village of Bumley on the edge of the evil and legend-haunted Mistywood apart from the onset of dark night and extreme hunger. You wake from a nightmare in which a hideous dog-faced demon had been chasing you through mist-wreathed woods. An eerie howling shatters the quiet of the night. It comes from Mistywood: will you enter it tomorrow or allow your pursuers to catch up with you and return you for execution?"

Find out in this Two-in-One Adventure Book, with complete, easy-to-play rule system.

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