28-400 Replacement Pumps for Soap Dispensers/Lotion Bottles (Case of 852)

$1,273.99 USD

Our handy 6-pack of replacement pump dispensers will give your bottles a new life. These are great for worn out pumps, lost pumps, defective pumps, or upgrades. Fits 16 ounce Boston round glass bottles, most 8 ounce Boston round glass bottles, SOME amber 32 ounce Boston round bottles. However, many plastic bottles have a different threading so please please check and verify with our handy hack with a 2-liter pop bottle.
Uses: shampoo, conditioner, oils, syrups, liquid soap, lotion, face cleanser, aromatherapy essential oil blends, mouthwash, stain remover, sunscreen, and other cosmetics.

Neck size 28-400 which is 28 mm wide, and 400 refers to threading
2cc per pump = 4/10 of a teaspoon
Length: 9-inch dip tube including cap.
Color--black pump top, clear dip tube
Material--polypropylene #5 plastic, food safe, BPA-free
Locking pump--easy to close
Care: We recommend hand washing for most thorough cleaning. Immerse in soapy water, pump up and down to move soap water through. Repeat with rinse water.
DOES IT FIT? Here's an easy hack . . .
To test if your bottle top is 28-400, take the cap off a 2-liter bottle of soda / pop. That is also a 28 mm cap. Test it on your bottle. I understand this also works with a JD cap!
TIPS TO OPEN: To open locking pump, grasp bottom under cap with one hand, turn head counter-clockwise. To lock, push down and turn clockwise.
Care Instructions

hand wash


16.000 x 15.000 x 23.000


35 lb