28-400 Replacement Trigger Sprayer Nozzles (Case of 420)

$683.99 USD

These are great multi-use sprayers for 16-ounce spray bottles. They fit 28-400 neck bottles with up to 10 inch dip tube length. They are compatible with 16-ounce glass cleaner spray bottles, plastic vinegar bottles, 16-ounce and 8-ounce Boston round bottles, etc. [Note: 28-400 is where 28 refers to 28mm diameter of neck of bottle, 400 refers to the threading of the screw, these are the size mouth that 2-liter pop bottles have].
These sprayers have many applications including household cleaning, lawn and garden care, car auto detailing, laundry solutions, pest control and pet training.


Fits 28-400 neck size [standard window cleaner bottles, neck size of 2-liter pop bottles, neck size of 16 ounce and 8 ounce Boston round bottles]
Dip tube 10 inches long -- for 16 ounce bottles, 8oz/16oz/32oz Boston Round bottles, glass vinegar bottles, etc.
Total length with sprayer head 12.5 inches, sprayer head 4.6 inches
Filter cap on dip tube, prevents residue clogging tube
Spray bottles NOT included
Color: White with red trim
Adjustable Nozzle: Turn counter-clockwise "open" for fine stream; turn clockwise toward "closed" for wider spray

Care & Use:
These have a stainless steel spring for trigger sprayer. If you use highly corrosive substances, eventually it will corrode. These are made with the highest quality available chemical resistant plastic. However, any plastic will degrade over time if using harsh chemicals. That's why you need spares!
Instructions: You can trim dip tube to desired length. Just remove filter tip, trim, then replace filter tip on new end.
Care Instructions

Hand wash for best results


14.500 x 17.500 x 22.000


32.8 lb