32oz Clear Plastic Jars w/ Black Lids (Case of 108)

$320.99 USD

Cornucopia Brands 32oz Clear Plastic Jars with Black Ribbed Lids (Bulk Set of 6): BPA Free PET Quart Size Canisters for Kitchen & Household Storage of Dry Goods, Peanut Butter, and More Dimensions: 3.6" Diameter x 6.75" Tall Easily store dry goods in your kitchen and pantry with these convenient 4 cup capacity plastic jars. Sturdy single-walled PET containers are so convenient for dry goods. Use to store rice, pasta, legumes/beans, sugar, tea bags, coffee, grains, flour and much more. Use as large spice bottles. Also great for pantry, utility room, playroom and bathroom use. Lids have food safe foam liners with tamper evident seal, so these empty jars are also great for DIY liquid or oil-based foods like peanut butter or ghee or kombucha or pickles. The pressurized seal is activated when lid is tightly screwed on--this is for one time use for long term storage as seal doesn't work again once broken. Liners are also easy to remove with a paring knife if you prefer lids unlined. Food safe, medical grade, PET (#1) plastic single walled jars with black ribbed foam-lined plastic lids; height 6.75 inches and width 3.6 inches, recommended to hand wash -- dishwasher is TOO HOT for this plastic.
Care Instructions

Hand wash with mild soap


21.250 x 23.000 x 22.750


28.5 lb