32oz Flip Top Plastic Squeeze Bottles (Case of 72)

Spout Style Tops, Natural Color
$305.99 USD


Use for . . .
Kitchen liquids
Personal care items such as liquid soap, shampoo, hair styling products & body wash, health ingredient storage & dispensing
Lab chemical storage such as acetone, lacquer thinner, solvents, cleaners, paints, & oils Perineal irrigation
Medical emergency first aid supplies such as hydrogen peroxide or eye wash


Natural color white plastic bottle, 28-410 neck opening; semi-opaque color can still see when low quantity
White plastic flip-open caps / spouted dispenser style, 3 mm orifice / opening
Ribbed skirt lid for easy grip
32-ounce capacity = 1 quart = 4 cups = 2 pints = 950 milliliters
HDPE #2 plastic bottles, as always BPA-free
PP #5 plastic lids (polypropylene), as always BPA-free
Suitable for industrial or home use, food-safe
Good chemical resistance & high scratch resistance, reusable many, many times
Tolerates temps up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit
Value 4 pack of 4 bottles & 4 lids
Spout style gives more precise dispensing than disc-top flip caps
Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe


20.750 x 19.500 x 20.500


12.4 lb