Cornucopia 4-Oz Small Candle Tins (12-Pack)

$10.99 USD

These handy small tins with slip-on lids have many uses. Enjoy them for . . . ON THE GO USE: Use for taking pills to work or spices or tea on a vacation trip. Use for travel size candles / votive candle holders.

Craft Use: Use to make candles and other decorative crafts.

Storage: Use for storage of small items in the kitchen, office, classroom, & more. Store thumbtacks & staples & paper clips. Store screws & nails.

Gift use: Use for party favors & packaging small gifts and samplers.

Personal care use: Great size for balms & gels.

Each tin is 4 ounces capacity (1/2 cup). They measure 1.9 in. tall by 2.5 in. wide. Weight .9 oz. each. Seamless tins.
Care Instructions

Hand wash


4.000 x 5.000 x 7.500


0.72 lb

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