8oz Aluminum Fine Mist Spray Bottles (Case of 192)

Large Metal Atomizer Bottles Hold 8-10oz
$407.99 USD

Our cosmo bullet-shaped atomizer bottles are perfect for DIY homemade blends of household and personal care spray mixtures.

Fine mist atomizers provide just right light misting, not possible with larger sprayer tops.
Metal containers are sturdy and provide UV light protection. No worries about dropping & breaking like with glass.
Plastic will leach into your ingredients, especially with oil ingredients. So have the benefits of sturdy lightweight material without plastic.
Aluminum containers are lightweight (each 1.4 ounce).
Use with essential oil blends with water or alcohol.
Clear plastic cap snaps on for easy storage or transport.
Great for repackaging mini size to go: Use for eyeglass cleaner, hair spray, toner spray, sunscreen spray, Downy anti-wrinkle spray, odor control, perfumes or cologne, air freshener fragrances, alcohol spritzing (Vermouth), homemade potpourri spray, vinegar salad sprays or even hand sterilizer.

Capacity: Holds 8-10 ounces = 295 milliliters = 1 to 1.25 cups
Size: 8.5 inches tall by 2 inch diameter
Material: Bottle is aluminum, sprayer top and cap are BPA-free plastic
Color: Silver metal, black sprayer, clear cap
Surface: Brushed metal (won't show fingerprints)
Disclaimer: Heavy oil by itself will not spritz. That is why even aerosol cans of oil spray have grain alcohol added to them. You can create a great spray blend by combining 5-15% oil with water, alcohol, or witch hazel. And please let us know if you EVER find a regular spray bottle that can spray heavy oil by itself as we also would love to have this magic bottle!
Our aluminum spray bottles are also available from Cornucopia Brands in 2.75-ounce travel-friendly size.
Care Instructions

Hand wash for best results


15.750 x 17.500 x 22.500


22.3 lb