Black Chalkboard Mason Jars (Case of 24)

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By Darware

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Whether you use these as decorative jars for your kitchen, apothecary jars for your bathroom, or a centerpiece for a party, these cute painted jars are sure to please. You can decorate them with white or colored chalkboard markers, wipe with a wet cloth, and reuse. Make cute packaged gifts, create shelf decor, use as a vase, and use for arts & crafts projects.

These come with a 2-piece lid (ring and lid), so you can remove the inner lid and remake into a tissue holder or Qtip dispenser. There are lots of possibilities.


Big Size: Each 7 inch tall by 4 x 4 inches square
Capacity: Each holds 1 quart = 4 cups = 950 milliliters = 32 ounces
Mouth size: regular mouth size neck 70mm, mouth opening 2.3 inch
Comes with 2-piece metal canning lids
Color: matte black
Compatible with regular mouth metal or plastic mason jar lids

17.250 x 14.750 x 18.250


28.8 lb

SKU: 12X_SH_1836_CASE