Black Paint Cans Gallon & Quart Plastic (1 Gallon Can, 1 Quart Can)

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By TruSnap

All-Plastic w/ Snap-tight Lids for Paints, Varnishes, & Crafts

Paint & chemical use:
Store water based & latex paints or coatings, adhesives and mastics
No more rust--all plastic container so you no longer have ruined paint from rust
Airtight seal, special lid that seals tight with an audible snap
Tough polypropylene #5 plastic--has high tolerance to chemicals
Heat tolerant to 200 degrees F

Arts, crafts & party use:
Use as gift wrapping, add a bow & you are done. Great for the guy in your life. Black color is great for Halloween, Over the Hill Parties, etc.
Use to store paintbrushes or other art & stationery tools.
Opaque black can works well for a mystery drawing or prize drawing.
Eco-friendly food safe plastic. Plastic is polypropylene PP #5 plastic which is the same plastic used in yogurt containers and butter spread containers.

Size: QUART CAN: can is 5in tall and 4.5 diameter. Capacity: 1 quart = 4 cups. Weight 2.7 oz. Lid mouth 3.33 diameter opening.
GAllON CAN:8in tall by 6.75 diameter. Mouth opening 5.5. Weight 9.3 oz.
100% Recycled Materials / 100% Recyclable Materials / Made in the USA
To Open: Pop open like a traditional paint can.
To Close: Press down hard with fist or palm of hand on middle of lid until you hear the snap.
Disclaimer: Quart size paint cans are not made with a handle or bale. Please don't complain that the quart can doesn't have a handle.
Only larger cans are designed with a handle. The gallon paint can has a handle & bale. This is not recommended for oil-based paints.
Care Instructions

hand wash


6.750 x 6.750 x 8.000


0.75 lb

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