Contemporary Laundry Powder Container (Black, Case of 6)

Enamelware Detergent Bin with Scoop
$137.99 USD

Our classic, retro laundry soap bin is really too charming to hide in the laundry room. You might consider using it for hiding snacks on the kitchen counter instead! Accent your modern farmhouse decor with this matte black enamelware storage box. It comes with an easy open lid and a hanging measuring scoop for convenience.

Color: Black enamel coating with white typewriter lettering reading LAUNDRY & CO; lettering will not peel
Size: Total size with handles 10 inches tall by 12 inches long by 6 inches wide
Capacity: Holds approximately 9 quarts / 2.25 gallons = 36 cups
Measuring Cup Size: Measures 2/3 cup.
Material: Metal galvanized iron/steel with enamelware coating
Care instructions: Hand wash only, not dishwasher safe; do not use abrasive sponge
Handles on both lid and sides; food safe, lead free
Rust-resistant, easy-open lid, not intended to be airtight; laundry powder should have access to air
Designed in the USA, made in India

14.000 x 23.000 x 20.000


21 lb