Silicone Seal Rings for Plastic Mason Jar Lids (Regular Mouth, 48-Pack)

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Keep in liquids, keep out bugs and moisture. All the things you need for an airtight seal are provided by these silicone rings. Our silicone rings fit our own brand of plastic mason jar lids but they also are compatible with major brands like Ball and Kerr. In addition, if you have one piece metal lids, these will provide a sturdy liner.

If you currently have lids with foam liners, throw the foam liners away and enjoy our easy clean silicone liners.

Now you can take your "meal in a jar" to the office without worrying about leaks. You can store that beef jerky [with a moisture absorber] without worrying about added humidity. You can store that flax meal in the fridge ... without picking up those strange fridge smells. Even confidently use your mason jars to shake up homemade salad dressing!

Product Testing: We have tested these jars with both of the following and had no leakage: unlined plastic mason jar lids and one piece metal lids. We put colored water in these and tested upside down and tipped for several hours and had zero leakage. It was easy to slip the liners in the lids, they did not fall out, and they were easy to screw on the jars.


Regular mouth jar size: 2.75 inch diameter silicone rings with indented edge to fit on jar lip, 3mm thick; fits 70mm (2.76 inch) diameter regular mouth mason jar lids, fits plastic lids, also fits inside unlined 1 piece metal lids
Quantity: 48 seal rings
Top rack dishwasher safe, food grade silicone, BPA-free, freezer safe, heat tolerant, ** not intended for vacuum canning
Care: separate ring from lid for optimum cleaning, both your plastic lids and the silicone seal rings are top rack dishwasher safe
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