Wide Mouth Plastic Mason Jar Lids Unlined White Ribbed Lids

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Cornucopia Brands Combo Set of Plastic Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids and Silicone Seal Rings (48-Piece Bulk Set, Choose Unlined or Deluxe Set with Silicone Rings

Have you been looking for easy care lids for every day use with your favorite wide mouth mason jars? This choice of lids only or lids with silicone rings are perfect for wide mouth mason jars. You get the easy care convenience of plastic and silicone. You aren’t dealing with foam lined lids that get gunk underneath, and both these parts are dishwasher safe. When you use your silicone rings inside the lid, you can guarantee your jar is leakproof and airtight.

Now you can easily store things in the refrigerator or the pantry. You can make up pretty jar gifts such as a DIY cookie mix or cocoa mix. You can safely take that salad in a jar to work without any leaks. You can store those crunchy snacks in an airtight container. And you can save your canning lids and rings for only canning.

Reminder: These lids are sized for glass mason jars that are labeled WIDE MOUTH. Measure across the neck of your jar - it should measure across approximately 3.4 inches from outer thread of neck to outer thread of neck.


Lid size: 86-450 which is 86mm neck size (3.4 inch) and 450 threading; wide mouth mason jar standard size (NOTE: these are not intended for reg. mouth size mason jars (the ones with 2.75 inch necks)
Lid exterior size: 3.5 inch by 0.75 inch
Fits pint, quart, half gallon and gallon mason jars with WIDE MOUTH necks (3.4 inch necks)
Silicone ring diameter approx. 3/4 inch
Lid style: wide ribbing for easy grip
Quantity: 24 caps and 24 silicone seal rings
Material: lid is #5 polypropylene BPA-free plastic, rings are food grade silicone
Color: white lids and natural semi-transparent silicone seal rings
Care: both lids and rings are dishwasher safe (top rack), do not put in microwave or oven

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