Empty Watercolor Palette Trays (Case of 108)

$871.99 USD

Our set of two palm-sized covered palettes for your paints are ideal for on the go and small projects. Each box holds the requisite 12 half pans (can be adapted to hold more). In order to give you lots of flexibility & spares, we include a total of 72 half pan pieces.

Box size--5x3x0.85 in.
Interior size--4.5x2.5x0.5 in.
Pan size--3/4x 5/8x3/8 in. deep; half pan size
Pan capacity -- approx. 1/3 tsp
Total pans per case--each holds 12 [can be tightened up to hold 14, 7 per row]. Hold 24 different colors
# of individual pans -- 72 pans included, enough to fill 6 cases
Material -- enamel coated steel box, plastic pan

Ease of Use:
Use -- interior tray lifts out, great for filling or stationary use
Filling--Snap each pan into place; make sure you allow refills to dry before moving
Care--wipe clean surface
Lid snaps closed and can be opened one-handed; if you are traveling we recommend you reinforce this with a rubber band in case you drop it
Replacement--To switch colors and avoid clean-up, we give you 2 complete sets of replacement pans; that is 48 extra pans!
Expansion--if you want to add extra pans, you can use sticky or magnet tape to add extra in the center
Fold out palette, fold out interior lid mixing tray includes 4 indented spaces for easy blending of colors; this fold out palette stays raised to remain even with your palette [since the surface is enamel, please treat your surface to prevent paint beading]; note that if you lift out the interior tray, you will find 4 more mixing areas, 2 lg. and 2 small; lid has 2 mixing areas
Portable -- mini pocket size, box perfect for outdoors en plein air use, like a compact for your paints
Expandable pallette keeper -- if you ditch the inner tray & use tape, you could hold up to 24 1/2 pans
Care Instructions

Hand wash


16.000 x 22.000 x 18.000


43 lb