Farscape DRD 20th Plush Figure (10-Inch)

Yellow 20th Anniversary Edition, 10+ Inches Tall
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From the Manufacturer He's far out! In the TV show Farscape, the Diagnostic Repair Drones (DRDs) are small robotic drones created by their biomechanical host, the living ship Moya. The DRDs maintain and protect Moya from any foreign threats that make their way into the ship. This plush DRD measures up to 12 inches tall and will protect your room from unwanted visitors, too!
Body size -- 9 x 8 x 7 inches, height with eyestalks raised 10-12 inches, eyestalk length 6 inches Color -- yellow, black, white, brown
Weight -- 7 ounces
Material -- 100% polyester, all new material
Recommended age 14 and up
Poseable eyestalks, metal inner, not intended for young children
Care Instructions

Hand wash with mild soap


8.000 x 6.000 x 16.000


0.4 lb

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