Hydroponic Coco Coir Soilless Growing Mix

$16.99 USD

Hydroponics is a way to skip the soil, sub in a different material to support the roots of the plant, and grow crops directly in nutrient-rich water. Some of the easiest plants to grow hydroponically for beginners are as follows: beans, tomatoes, lettuce, green onions, carnations, strawberries, herbs, marigolds, spinach, and pansies. Coco coir is great for hydroponics because it offers excellent water and oxygen retention. The other ingredients help reduce compaction and help aid in nutrient retention. We hand-blend each batch of this soil to ensure each batch is the same quality and mixture as the one before it. We put heart into all our products, and this offering is no different.
Watch your plants thrive when you choose Soil Sunrise for all your gardening needs!

Avoid heavily vining plants, and always check to make sure your water-based method will work.

Hydroponic grade perlite
Loose coconut coir
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.