Mugshots I: The Case of the Pacific Clipper

Mystery Role Playing Game Module
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The first in a series of Role-Playing Books for Contemporary Adventures called Mugshots. (As of 2009, only two were published.)

It is a quiet fall day in San Francisco. The year is 1937. The newspapers are all abuzz with news about the military buildup of Japan and the invasion of China. The offices of the Eureka Detective Agency are open for business and you're about to be handed the biggest case of your career. Juan T. Knight, the president of Pan Global Airways, has just called and wants you to come down to the airfield to solve a mystery. What's happening to the pacific clipper fleet? Is it sabotage? Revenge? Maybe even for the insurance. You have no idea, but you can bet there's more to this case than meets the eye...

This book contains a full-length solitaire adventure, gamemasters' maps, and descriptions of plenty of characters from the 1930s for use in your own Contemporary Adventures.

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