Mugshots II: Taking Care of Business

Mystery Role Playing Game Module
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From the cover:

"Mugshots 2 is an extensive file of criminals, mad scientists, spies, dilettantes, con artists, vigilantes, wackos and geniuses for use in your modern era role-playing game. Each of the 36 characters is fully described, with physical & personality descriptions, illustrations, game stats and scenario suggestions. A solo adventure is included in this book, that you can run for yourself to get a feel for the characters.

Mugshots 2 is also a collection of 30 pages of the most detailed room setting and building maps ever created for modern role-playing. Each map details the home, hang-out or workplace of one (or more) of the 36 characters described in this book. Each map is cross-indexed to the characters, and a map of the city is included so you can see where all the places are at a glance. And... you can use these maps with any role-playing system."

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