Metallic Gold Candle Tins (Case of 288)

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By Darware

This set of 12 small cute tins can be used many ways. They are compact & easy to handle with slip on lids. They are portable & convenient for storage of spices, herbs, tea, pills & other small items. You can use them to store your DIY creams & balms.
Getting married, planning a birthday bash or baby shower? Treat your guests to fabulous party favors in our unique multi-colored ceramic tins! Perfectly sized for place settings or as table centerpieces! Fill with mints, candies, chocolates & more.

DIY Candles
Votive candle holder
School & personal craft projects
Balms, bath salts, creams, gels
Stocking stuffers
Household/office organization
Lunch box treats like nuts, seeds, candy
School & behavior rewards
Party favor containers

Bulk quantity of 12 tins/1 dz
Size: 1.5 inches tall by 2.25 inches diameter; label space (for label dimensions): top = 2.0 inches diameter; bottom = 1.5 inches diameter; side = 7/8 in x 7.5 in around
Capacity: 3.5 fluid ounces = 7/16 cup = 105.5 milliliters
Color: Brushed Gold
Style: Round with slip-on lid
Material: Painted steel [will stick to magnets]
Weight: 0.8 oz weight each
Reusable, refillable
Food safe, recommended for dry goods.
For candle making, 12 tins will use about 1.2+ pounds of candle wax.
Care: We recommend hand washing for long-term life of product, don't use an abrasive cleaner or sponge
Disclaimer: Individual products vary in weight. Each tin will hold approximately 0.5 oz of loose leaf tea or herbs or 1 oz of ground spices or 0.75 oz of ground coffee or 1.5 oz of candle wax.

16.000 x 14.000 x 20.000


22.8 lb

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