Push Style Spigot for Beverage Dispenser Carafe (Case of 150)

Replacement Lever Pour Spout for Beverage Dispenser
$860.99 USD

Get the party pouring!

With the Cornucopia Brands beverage dispenser spigot, you control the flow! All it takes is a quick flick of the lever style handle for an easy drink refill, or you can lock the spigot open for fast drainage (pull spigot straight up)!

The only major difference between stainless steel spigots and our high quality plastic is the cost savings! Our spigot's attractive design, sleek finish, and superior performance is comparable to stainless steel, but at the lower cost of plastic!

Got a leaky or faulty dispenser faucet? Our spigots make the ideal replacement! Installation is a breeze, and all of the necessary hardware is included (spigot, gasket, nut)! Note: all components of our spigot and corresponding hardware are made from food safe plastics!

Kombucha continuous brewing systems too! Remember, SCOBY does not like metal, with our spigot, you can ensure that no metal comes in contact with your kombucha brewing setup.
Care Instructions

Hand wash


11.250 x 8.500 x 14.500


9.4 lb

SKU: 150X_SH_237_CASE