Battle of Cowpens 1,000 Piece Puzzle, Revolutionary War Battle Scene

Features Dynamic Artwork by Chris Collingwood
$19.99 USD
By Mchezo

Immerse yourself in a pivotal moment of the American Revolutionary War with The Battle of Cowpens puzzle. This high-quality 1,000-piece puzzle transports you to the battlefield where history was made.

Witness the dramatic scene as General Daniel Morgan leads a courageous counter-charge against the British forces. In this captivating artwork by Chris Collingwood, you can feel the intensity of the battle as the Continental Army seizes victory. The puzzle captures the heroic moment when the rebels, fueled by determination, capture the British guns and turn the tide of the conflict.

As you assemble the puzzle, you'll not only engage in a challenging and satisfying activity but also gain a deeper understanding of the historical significance of the Battle of Cowpens. The included reference sheet provides valuable information about this crucial battle, allowing you to immerse yourself in the narrative and appreciate the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought for freedom.

With its original artwork and educational value, The Battle of Cowpens puzzle is a tribute to this pivotal event in the Revolutionary War. Piece by piece, you'll relive history and gain a newfound appreciation for the resilience and determination of the American rebels.
Care Instructions

Wipe with dry cloth


10.300 x 2.100 x 13.300


2 lb

SKU: BC-0001