Satan Devil Plush

Stuffed Toy Evil Beelzebub Figure
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Meet Beezlebub, the plush toy with more muscle definition than your gym buddy and a face so unique, it could launch a thousand memes! This little devil is not just a cuddle buddy; it's a top-notch, embroidery-covered show-off. Tough enough to handle a toddler's tantrum yet soft enough for a cozy snuggle, it's the perfect size for your shelf, desk, or to be the star of your next social media post. Love all things spooky and kooky? This goth-glam plushie adds just the right amount of edge to your decor. And it's not just for looks—gift it to your quirkiest friend and watch them geek out over the original tag that screams 'I'm the real deal!' Who knew a little demon could bring so much joy?

Size: 13.5 x 8.3 x 2 inches (34x21x5 cm.)
Material: Polyester, all new materials
Color: Red and black
Care Instructions: Delicate Cycle, Tumble Dry Low (no heat)
Note: Cape is removable, pants are stitch fastened at waist
Care Instructions

Machine Wash


8.300 x 2.000 x 14.000


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