16oz Clear Glass Spray Bottles (6-Pack)

3-Setting Spray Tops w/ Boston Round Bottles & Chalk Labels
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Whether for essential oil blends or cleaning, these glass bottles are healthy to use. Now you have a value 6-pack of clear glass spray bottles. Use these spray bottles in your kitchen, bathroom, living area, office or laundry room. Use for aromatherapy, air freshener, pet control, plant watering, cleaning, hair care & much more. Glass is much better to use for health & stronger ingredients. Sprayer is adjustable with 3 settings for mist, stream & off.


Large capacity, 16 ounces which is 2 cups (475 ml)
Each bottles is 8 ½ inches tall by 3 inches wide
Sprayers spouts turn 4 ways with mist, stream & OFF/OFF
Dip tubes are BPA-free and are left extra long so you can trim to desired length
Clear glass -- lets you see your contents easily.
Chalk labels - fancy shape black chalk labels to label & re-label your contents (works with chalk marker)
Reusable & refillable over & over again
Food safe & medical grade - safe glass & BPA-free plastic, organic-friendly
Note: Bottles are microwave safe & dishwasher safe. Sprayers have stainless steel spring inside so should not be put in microwave. We recommend hand washing your sprayers and immerse in soapy water & work the trigger for the best cleaning.
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