43cc / 3-Tablespoon Scoops (10-Pack)

Bulk Measures for Protein Powder, Coffee, Spices and Dry Goods
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Easily measure protein powder, ground coffee or your favorite supplements with our handy batch of 3T scoops. These are sized with short handles easy to leave in your canister or container for convenient access. Make DIY mixes and health supplements and measure with ease. Measure salsa mixes, spices, herbs and taco seasoning or cocoa mix. So many options . . . even use for portion control.
Size--Each scoop is 2.25 inches wide and 1.1 inch tall, length with handle 3.5 inch
Handle length 1.6 inch
Capacity-- 43 cc = 3 tablespoons = 43ml
Color--semi-transparent "natural"
Material #5 PP polypropylene plastic, BPA-free, recyclable
Quantity in package--10 pack scoop set
Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe


4.000 x 3.400 x 5.750


0.16 lb

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