8oz Amber Glass Spray Bottles (2 Pack)

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These cute little empty spray bottles give you the convenience of a 3-setting sprayer with the size and capacity you need for smaller quantities and applications. These are great essential oil blends, kitchen use, lab use, and household cleaning and DIY. Make homemade personal care mixtures, Thieves cleaner and more. The sprayer has 3 settings with OFF, spray, and stream. These bottles are reusable and refillable.


Size: 7.4 inches tall by 2.4 inches diameter
Style: Boston round
Neck size: 28 millimeters (28/400 size)
Sprayer size: about 4 inches long
Capacity: 8 fluid ounces = 1 cup = 235 milliliters = 16 tablespoons
Color: amber brown glass with natural ultraviolet protection, black plastic sprayers
Materials: lead free food safe glass, sprayer includes #5 polypropylene plastic including dip tube, #1 PET plastic (nozzle) and stainless steel spring (BPA-free, food contact safe)
Care: glass bottle is dishwasher and microwave safe; do not put sprayer in microwave (metal inside); hand wash sprayer for best results
Glass temperature tolerance maximum 290 degrees Fahrenheit, minimum -90 degrees Fahrenheit
SAFE: Glass bottles are microwave safe and dishwasher safe; hand wash sprayer parts for best results
Label size recommendation: 2.87 inches tall max, 7.25 inches wide [around]
Care Instructions

Hand wash gently with mild soap. Air dry.


5.500 x 2.750 x 7.500


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