Coffee Scoops / Tablespoon Plastic Measuring Spoons (10-Pack)

Ideal for Kitchen & Pantry Storage
$8.99 USD

We really wanted you to have a measuring scoop for every small canister in your pantry. So we offer this multi-pack of inexpensive plastic measuring tablespoon scoops. We offer a 10-pack for the basic kitchen or a 20-pack for the "I've got one of everything" kitchen.
Each scoop is 4 inches long with a 1.25” bowl. They should easily fit inside your cocoa, cornstarch, baking powder, baking soda, cornstarch, yeast, tea leaves and coffee canisters. Or you can use to measure your flax seed, chia seed, hemp seed, arrowroot, protein powder, oat bran, wheat germ, and nutritional yeast. Other people find these ideal for filling their DIY coffee pods.
See also our Cornucopia Brand Acrylic Plastic Scoops if you want larger scoops for your bigger pantry staples.
And don't forget you can use these around the house. You can measure special powders in the laundry room or scoop bath salts in the bathroom. Your kids can use them for mixing up DIY slime and other fun crafty projects.
Each scoop measures exactly 1 tablespoon. They are made of food-safe plastic. Made in China. For optimum lifespan of your product, avoid dishwasher use. Handwash is better.
Happy cooking & baking from Cornucopia Brands!
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