16oz Amber Glass Bottles w/Stainless Steel Pumps (2-Pack)

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Lotion & Soap Dispenser Brown Bottles for Aromatherapy, DIY, Home & Kitchen


Glass is naturally BPA-free, won't absorb chemicals, and is heat-resistant
Amber colored glass provides protection from sun & light damage
Our glass is sturdy & thick
Sturdy weight to not tip over the way plastic would
Stainless steel pump tops::
Brushed stainless steel finish looks good but won't show fingerprint marks
Stainless steel is rust-resistant (note: it is not rustproof, stainless steel can be damaged by harsh chemicals)


Kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, beauty salon, office & more; sink / shower / desktop / dresser
Aromatherapy, DIY, liquid soap, dish soap, shampoo, lotion, conditioner, body oil, herbal treatments
Use for soap dispenser, lotion dispenser, and much more


Capacity: 2 cups / 16 ounces / 475 milliliters
Size: 8.6 inches tall by 3 inches diameter
Color: Amber brown glass and brushed silver pumps
Label Size: Recommended maximum 3.93 inch tall by 9 inches around.
Material: Pump have plastic inner lid & dip tube (BPA-free)

Unusual uses: mouthwash, stain remover, syrup pumps for coffee flavoring, bubble bath, pet meds

TIPS: Wash pumps & bottles in warm soapy water before use while pumping tubes up & down several times to clear tubes of any factory or storage residue. This is a Cornucopia Brands product. Ensure you buy only from our Cornucopia Store to ensure quality control.
Care Instructions



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