4oz Cobalt Glass Pump Bottles (4 Pack)

For Aromatherapy, Lotions, Soaps & More
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Enjoy our pump bottles for many aromatherapy and home use applications. Get a salon and spa look, UV protection and more.

Essential oil blends
Massage oils
Liquid soaps, dish soap, body wash, shampoo & lotions
Cooking and kitchen prep
Hand cleaner
Face wash, mouthwash, perfumes, colognes and serums
Homemade DIY cosmetics or repackaging commercial products

Capacity: 4 ounces = 1/2 cup = 120 milliliters
Size: 6.1 inch tall with pump open / 5.5 inch tall with pump twisted closed; 2 inch diameter bottle
Bottle neck size: 24-410
Cobalt blue glass gives UV protection
Lead free food safe glass
BPA-free black plastic pump tops, industrial & medical grade plastic
Bulk set of four containers
Twist-to lock closed pumps (transport-friendly)
Care Instructions



4.600 x 4.250 x 6.000


1.25 lb

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