4oz Black Coated Glass Jars (12-Pack)

Cosmetic Jars w/ Black Metal Lids and Black Matte Exterior, 4oz
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These attractive round glass apothecary containers are great for DIY cosmetics, repackaging gifts, and handmade lotions, beauty care products, makeup, creams, and body butters. We added elegant black metal lids for a vintage touch. A translucent plastic spatula is also included. The spatula even fits in the jar.
You can also use these for spices and apothecary herbs as the dark color provides UV protection.
Enjoy labeling your jars with the option of writing directly on the jar with a chalk marker. Just wash with water to re-label.

Balms, ointments and gels
Makeup and face creams
Body butter and lotions
Aromatherapy blends
Bath salts
Spices and food storage
Gift and candle jars
Herbs and teas

Size: Each jar 2.25 inch tall by 2.13 inch diameter (5.7x5.4 cm) mouth opening 1.7 inches (4.3 cm); neck size 53-400
Capacity: 4 fluid ounces = 120 milliliters = 1/2 cup
Weight: Each empty jar with lid weighs 4.4 ounces (125 grams)
Material: Glass jar, BPA-free plastic spatula, steel lid with foam liner for leak proof airtight protection, all material is lead free, food-safe
Color: Black matte coated jar, black-painted lid, white foam liner, translucent spatula
Plastic spatula included, 3 inches long x .75 inches wide (fits inside jar)
Lid label space: 1 7/8 inch diameter; side label: 1 6/8 inch by 7.5 inch max
Care: Hand wash jar, spatula and lid; for best results, don't immerse lid in water; do not use abrasive cleaners
Glass jar is microwave safe; do not put in dishwasher as abrasive cleaners can damage coating
Care Instructions



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