Frosted Glass Soap Dispenser w/Stainless Steel Pumps (16oz, 2-Pack)

Boston Round Bottles w/Lotion Pump Tops and Caps
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Our frosted glass soap dispensers and lotion pump bottles will add elegance to any setting. Frosted glass gives a classic touch while showing off the contents of your container.

These are great for using in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, office, dorm room, salon or business.

Use for dispensing liquid hand soap, dish soap, massage oils, baby oil, essential oil mixtures, shampoo, face cleanser, and much more. We also include spare lids for your bottles for storage and transport of your contents.


Capacity: 16 ounces = 2 cups = 475 milliliters = 1 pint
Style: Boston round
Material-glass bottle, plastic dip tube and interior cap, stainless steel exterior parts of pump (all material is BPA-free and lead-free)
Color: white frosted glass, gray / silver stainless steel pumps, black spare caps
Weight: 9 ounces each bottle with pump

Care and safety:

Glass is lead free with white frosted exterior paint, interior parts and cap are BPA-free
Hand wash only, dishwasher cleaners have abrasives that will damage the finish of your bottles
Glass bottles are microwave safe
Wash before using.
Care Instructions

Hand wash


7.000 x 3.500 x 9.000


1.2 lb

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