Metal Chair Webbings Clips (25-Pack)

Replacement Upholstery Furniture Clamps w/ Screws Included
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Now accomplish DIY furniture restoration of your favorite vintage or heirloom seats with our convenient 25-pack of chair webbing clips. Fix your old sagging lawn chairs or favorite heirloom loveseat. Much less expensive than professional repairs. Just grab some tools and some new webbing and upgrade those old fabric slats / woven webbing.


Size -- each clip is 1.9 inches long and side length is 0.5 inches, use metal ends with 2-inch webbing for best results
Style -- clips are at a 45 degree angle, known as fagas clips, webbing clamps, etc
Quantity -- 25 pieces included, plus 25+ screws [screws are half inch, rounded, standard screwdriver [not Phillips]
Use with polypro webbing, jute, rubber, elastic, etc. on indoor or outdoor furniture.

Tips: You will need a bench vise or crimping tool to close these. A hammer may work but will take a little more effort.
Note: Instructions not included as it is easier to watch a video online on how to use these.
Care Instructions

Hand wash


3.000 x 1.200 x 5.000


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