Half Gallon Glass Pump Dispenser Bottle, 64oz Jug

With Pump for Sauces, Syrups, Soaps and More
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Cornucopia Brands Half Gallon Glass Pump Dispenser

Convenient and elegant, our giant glass pump dispenser is very handy for liquid, sauces and syrups that you want to dispense in larger portions. Each pump will dispense 2 tablespoons. A glass bottle is food safe, dishwasher safe.


Commercial kitchen use: dispense sauces, maple syrup, snow cone syrups, liquid butter flavoring, oils, or liquids
Coffee shop use: use for coffee syrups, cold brew, or flavorings
Utility use: use for pet shampoo, hair care, livestock supplements, laundry detergent or car care (car wash fluid, tire wash). Fill small bottles of hand cleaner or soap.
Caution: Please make sure pump mouth is inside container that you are filling or you can squirt yourself. Pump is quite powerful. Finally, there may be residue in the tube that drips [just like your laundry soap spout], so use a drip tray.
Care: Highly corrosive substances like vinegar can damage the stainless steel pump. Remove pump after use and store with provided cap and wash pump until next use.


Includes: One 64-ounce glass jug, one white dispensing pump, 1 cap for storage
Pump size and cap size 38-400
Total tube length including pump assembly 11 inches
Output [per pump]: 1 fluid ounce = 2 tablespoons = 30 ml
Material: pump top polypropylene, spring stainless steel, BPA-free, cap polypropylene, BPA-free
Jug / bottle / container: glass, lead free, food grade
Height of jug by itself 10.4 inches
Note: you would need a 2.2 cubic foot microwave or bigger for glass bottle to stand up in microwave]
Since this pump has a very strong spring, you need to completely empty the pump before locking.
How to empty
1) Remove pump from bottle / liquid.
2) Pump over a container to squeeze out remainder of liquid inside.
3) Fully push down pump to lock.
4) As desired, put cap on pump for storage; wash pump.
Care Instructions



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