4.5 Inch Orchid Pot Sets (4-Pack)

w Mesh Interior Pot, Exterior Pot, and Tray
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By Darware

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Benefits of our 3-piece sets:

Slotted pot encourages lateral root growth and allows for ventilation for roots providing natural "pruning"
Exterior pot has drainage holes so your orchids aren't in "standing water", easily avoid over-watering and wet feet
Tray / saucer to protect your furniture from water
Sturdy polypropylene plastic material
Also suitable for flower seedlings, African violets or ivy growing
Great for a gift to an orchid aficionado or for transplanting and replacement pots


Height 5". Exterior pot: 4.9" diameter at rim, 3.9" interior net pot diameter at top, 3" diameter at base (exterior), drain holes .33" diameter; tray 4" diameter (4.5" at holding tab), .5" tall
Material: #5 polypropylene plastic, recyclable, BPA-free
Capacity: pot interior capacity .63 quarts
Weight: each 3-part set 2.6 ounces total
Color: white, semi-opaque so possible to see roots for inspection


Orchids like to be snug; don't give roots too much space
Put 1 inch of drainage media at bottom for perfect water balance
Care Instructions



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