Copper Canelé Pastry Molds

2in Cannelés Traditional Pastry Baking Molds w/ Heat-Conducting Copper
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A cannelé is a delightful French pastry known for its unique flavor combination of rum and vanilla. To achieve its signature caramelized, crispy exterior and a soft, tender center, the use of traditional copper-coated metal tin molds is essential. These molds, each measuring around two inches in both height and diameter, are perfect for creating elegant and delicious mini cakes. The copper exterior of the molds is crucial for proper heat conduction, ensuring the formation of the perfect crust. This set includes four distinct designs or shapes, allowing for a variety of beautiful presentations.


Set of 4 shapes: flower, heart, pinwheel and spiral
Fluted mold
Each with a tin interior and coated with copper for heat conduction
Diameter 2 to 2.25 inches, height 2.25 inches (5.7 cm.)
Crafted by artisans in India in a small family business
Weight: each around 1.8 oz (50 grams)
Capacity 1/3 cup

Tips: Carefully follow buttering instructions for your molds to avoid your cakes sticking.
Care: Use beeswax to grease molds. Hand wash molds for best results; dry immediately after washing.
Care Instructions

Hand Wash


2.000 x 4.100 x 4.500


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