Plastic Spray Bottles with Mist & Stream Sprayers (6-Pack)

PET #1 BPA-Free, Use for Aromatherapy, DIY Cleaning, Kitchen, Hair Etc
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Use for Homemade Cleaners, Cooking Spray Mixes, Spraying Food While Grilling, DIY Bug Spray, Misting Houseplants and Much More!

Use for your own bug spray or air fresheners. Use in the kitchen for oil & vinegar diet salad sprays, misting food while cooking or grilling, etc. Use around the home for homemade air fresheners, house plant spraying (ferns, terrariums, African violets), window cleaners, and keeping the cat off the counter. Use in cleaning for vinegar & DIY cleaning mixtures, pre-treating laundry and even utility room use. Your kids can even use for outdoor play on a hot day or bath time fun (wear rain gear if you enter the bathroom please).

Amber color protects your ingredients from UV light. PET plastic is BPA-free and safe for all your health care, food and cleaning mixtures. (see note about high oil concentrations)

Includes six (6) chalkboard style labels that you can use to label your ingredients. Erasable and rewritable.

Avoid using PET containers to store products that contain essential oils greater than 5% or fragrance oils greater than 15%. For higher oil concentration solutions, please consider using our glass products. We recommend washing by hand as dishwasher heat can be very hard on PET plastic.

Capacity 16 ounces / 2 cups / 475 ml; height 9 in; diameter 3 in. Do noT put in dishwasher.

Note: These brown or blue spray bottles are PLASTIC bottles. If you would like to purchase glass bottles, please see our listing:
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