Loose Leaf Sencha Green Tea, 1 LB

Bulk 16-Ounces Japanese Style Green Sencha Tea - Approx 200+ Cups
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Solstice tea traders loose leaf Sencha tea is a traditional full leaf green tea.

Loose leaf Sencha is a perfect choice for daily cups of green tea. A mild approachable cup that lends both flavor and low cost to ensure you get health benefits and enjoyment but at a price you don't mind to pay.

Not complex or exotic, Sencha is simply a mild and extremely enjoyable green tea. Great hot or iced, this green tea is best when compared to a high quality version of many bottled green teas you may enjoy in the mass market. Sencha is also known as Ichiban Cha or Shincha.

Sencha is one the most popular teas among our employees for its mild taste, and drinkability.

If you are looking for a high quality, healthy tea to add to your daily tea ritual, our loose leaf Sencha one pound bags will surely not leave you disappointed.

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