Anthurium Plant Potting Soil Mix

Indoor Houseplant Custom Blend for Flowering Anthuriums
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This soil blend features a mixture of peat moss, perlite, pine bark, charcoal, sand, and lime, a great combination of all natural ingredients that provide a rich growing environment allowing for fast water drainage and appropriate growing conditions for Anthurium Plants. Peat moss is used for its great water and nutrient retention abilities. It is also a good source of organic matter that will slowly degrade over time to feed your soil. Pine bark also provides water retention, drainage, and aeration capabilities. Horticultural charcoal boosts soil preservation, filters harmful substances, and improves drainage. Perlite is porous and has great moisture retention and drainage capabilities. It also provides aeration to roots. Sand is used in potting mixtures to prevent compaction, loosen up soil, promote drainage, and increase aeration to roots. Lime is used in soil mixtures to provide pH balance.

Tips: Make sure your pot has drainage holes. Keep your plant away from direct sunlight. Anthuriums like humidity, mist every day for best results.
Ingredients: Peat moss, pine bark, horticultural charcoal, sand, perlite, lime
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.