Chonky Cat Weighted Plush

Fat Cat Stuffed Plush Animal Toy
$34.99 USD
By Attatoy

Imagine a fat cat that's as special as it gets – that's Chonky Cat! He might seem a bit grumpy, but that's just part of his cozy, squishy charm. Chonky Cat is all about being his own cat, and he's not afraid to show it. He's like a superstar among cats, with his own "cat-titude" that's hard to resist. When you bring Chonky Cat home, you're getting a cat who knows how to take care of himself and have fun doing it. He comes with this amazing care guide that comes along to help you understand his personality.

Chonky Cat isn’t lazy. He just loves to relax and be comfy, and that's why he's a little plump! But that just makes him the best buddy to have on your lap when you want to relax too. And guess what? He's got this cool taco-themed T-shirt that fits him just right. It's his signature style, reminding him of his kitten days and his love for tacos.

This high quality stuffed kittycat is made with lots of care from our shelter. Chonky Cat is ready to be part of your family, bringing all the joy and happiness he has to offer. You can pet his soft fur and enjoy his company, even if he acts a bit distant sometimes. Take good care of him and enjoy having a special pal who knows how to be himself. He's got a special list of favorite cats too, like the Cheshire Cat, Garfield, Grimace, Azrael, Sylvester, and Stimpy.

Life-Size: 14 in. tall, 11 in. wide, 10 in. front to back (35.6 x 28 x 25.4 cm.)
Weight: 3 lb. (1.36 kg.)
Color: Gray tabby w/ white mittens, face and belly, baby blue t-shirt with taco design
Recommended for kids and adults, ages 3 and up.
Safety Features: Embroidered eyes and mouth.
Exterior material: 80% polyester, 20% cotton, extra soft
Filling: 100% polyester, all new materials, weighted plastic beads
Q&A: Yes, t-shirt can be removed, just feed tacos to make Chonky cooperate.
Care Instructions

Machine Wash Delicate


8.620 x 7.200 x 14.000


4.3 lb

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