Loose Leaf Green Tea Sampler (12-Tea Variety Set)

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This sample pack includes: -

Sencha Kyoto green tea from Japan that is steamed and machine fired
Iccha Kariban is a relatively new tea, a rarity in such a mature market. An amazingly floral and refreshing Japanese Green tea
Genmai Cha green tea is an old enjoyable tea
Sencha Saga is quality and rare tea that is Japanese made with full dark green color and earthy body.
Young Hyson is a type of green tea that is extremely bold & has surprising depth for a green tea
Gunpowder is tightly wound balls that retain nutrition and flavor for a bold smoky green tea
Sencha is a Chinese tea with a nutty mild flavor.
Yunnan Mau Feng is a Chinese green tea a superb pale tea with light earthy notes
Whole Leaf Pan Fried is a flat leaf tea that pairs perfectly with lemon or mint
Chinese Fanning teas are very small pieces that are a byproduct of the production of whole leaf tea
Tindharia Estate is your first Indian Green tea offering high quality from one of India's oldest tea estates. This tea has robust character and noticeable astringency only slightly redeemed by light fruity undertone.
Dragon Well is named for a Chinese legend of a dragon that brought much needed rain. Dragon Well is extremely well known for its quality. A mellow cup with a naturally sweet taste.

Recommendations: Use 1/2 tablespoon per cup, but leaves can be used up to 4 times. (i.e. save tea leaves, pour more water, brew again). When used in this traditional way, you can make approx. 24 servings of each one. Sencha requires more tea leaves per cup.

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