20-Sided Dice Storage Treasure Box

D20-Shaped Dice Storage Container Novelty Gift for RPG Players
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Introducing the D20 Dice Storage Treasure Box, a must-have novelty storage container for RPG players and gaming enthusiasts. This unique container offers a versatile solution for organizing and safeguarding your gaming essentials. With its ample storage space, you can conveniently store not only your D20 dice but also miniature figures, playing pieces, and other treasures you may possess. Whether you want to keep your gaming gear in one place or hide your precious loot, this storage case has got you covered.
Designed with gamers in mind, this treasure box also makes for a fantastic novelty gift. . The cleverly crafted lid features 5 sturdy pairs of magnets, securely keeping it closed to protect your stored items. Crafted from resin, the container boasts a sleek black exterior adorned with white numerals, adding a touch of elegance to your gaming setup.
Beyond its functional benefits, this storage container serves multiple purposes. It can be used as a decorative item for your shelf, a stylish accent for your coffee table, or a hidden treasure box in your dorm room. Its compact size and magnetized lid make it conveniently portable, allowing you to carry your gaming essentials with ease. Embrace the organization and style this D20 Dice Storage Treasure Box brings to your gaming experience.

Size: 5.25 in. long x 3.9 in. wide by 5.25 in. tall (13.4 x 9.9 x 13.4 cm.)
Capacity: Holds approximately 150 polyhedral dice
Mouth Opening: Pentagram shape 4 to 4.5 inches (10 to 11.4 cm.)
Material: Resin
Color: Black with white numbers
Magnetic Closure: 5 sturdy pairs of magnets hold the lid closed
Care Instructions

Wipe with Damp Cloth


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