Solo Adventure 20: Amulet of Salkti

Fantasy Role Playing Game
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One of the most powerful, most dread of ancient demons, the name conjurs nightmares even in the brave. Three centuries ago Sxelba annihilated the proud race of the Salkti people. But before the last few perished, the Salkti created an amulet to banish Sxelba and his horde of foul worshipers. For centuries, the world haws been free of this evil demon -- until now!
Sxelba, destroyer of the Salkti, has returned from exile. Renewed devastation follows where he walks. The only hope of the world lies in the recovery of the magic amulet, lost in the ruins of the great Salktian city. The ruins are under your home of Freegore -- and Freegore may soon fall into Sxelba's destroying hands! You must delve into the Salktian ruins to free the world from this hideous scourge! You must regain The Amulet of the Salkti.

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