Fruit Fly Traps (2-Pack)

Empty Ceramic Fly Catchers w/ Vented Lids; Bait Not Included
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Enjoy easy organic pest control of flying insects in your kitchen without nasty sprays with our pretty ceramic fruit fly traps. Keep a trap handy next to your compost bin to round up any of those buggers who get out when you open it. Or keep next to your favorite fruit bowl. Just put some apple cider vinegar inside with a couple drops of dish soap, and trap away! You can also use old wine or a chunk of ripe fruit. These are sturdier and more attractive than plastic and easier to clean.


Size: each 2.5 inches tall by 3.5 inch diameter; holes in top are 2.5 mm (the top is mainly a decorative feature so you don't have to look at the contents--it is your mixture of apple cider vinegar with a couple drops of dish soap that will kill the insects)
Color: red with silver lid
Material: ceramic with metal lid
Shape: round cylinder
Care: ceramic container is top rack dishwasher safe; hand wash lid for best results and immediately dry
Quantity: two traps, bait not included
Bait suggestions: apple cider vinegar, old wine, old beer - add two drops dish soap to surface of mixture BAIT NOT INCLUDED
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