Mini Scoops Measuring Spoons (24-Pack)

Micro 1/32 Teaspoon, 0.15cc
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When you just need a smidgen or a dash of something, these teensy tiny miniature scoops are ideal. Use them to measure stevia or monk fruit powder in the kitchen or on the go. Or use them for potent medicines and herbs. These scoops are also useful in making cosmetics or soap when you are dealing with mica powders and other ingredients. Great for measuring supplements for yourself and your pets. THM compatible for measuring sweeteners. Great for kitchen, home, on the go, lab or business. Put one in every jar. Put 'em in a baggie to take along. Keep one with your pet food supplements.

The capacity of each measure is 1/32 of a teaspoon. This is equivalent to .15 milligrams / milliliters of water. Depending on your ingredients, their weight may vary so verify the weights of your typical ingredients for accuracy. How to tip: Weigh one level teaspoon of your ingredient. Divide this weight by 32. This will be the weight of this 1/32 teaspoon amount.

Our value pack of 24 gives you lots of spoons so you don't have to wash and dry between separate ingredients.


Size: 3.25 inches long spoon, 10mm wide
Capacity: 1/32 of a teaspoon or .15 mg water / .15 milliliters / 150 milligrams
Material: polypropylene #5 plastic, BPA-free, heat tolerant, top rack dishwasher safe
Color: white
Quantity: 24 pieces
Care Instructions

Dishwasher Safe


0.500 x 5.000 x 3.000


0.13 lb

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