Backyard Hummingbird Nester

Rustic Handmade Hummingbird Nest Builder
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Give your feathered friends a safe, secure place to build a nest! Built to last, this durable bird nesting platform has been assembled by hand using high quality materials. The nesting cup (the hole cutout in the platform) and the two small support posts give the hummingbirds a sturdy foundation for their nest. The limb and faux leaves that are protruding out of the front of the nester provide them a safe place to land. A refillable wire grid filled with organic cotton is also included to provide nesting material for the hummingbird.

Tip: When selecting a spot for installation, consider more coverage and avoid windy areas. Suggested safe bird nesting materials are grass clippings, leaves, twigs, feathers, pine needles and more.

Size: Total size - 9.5 in. deep (5.50 in. not including limb/leaves) x 4.0 in. wide x 8.5 in. tall (24.1 x 10.2 x 21.6 cm), nesting cup is 1.37 in. diameter (3.5 cm), nest posts are 1.06 in. high (2.7 cm), wire grid is 2.5 in. long x 2.0 in. wide (6.4 x 5.1 cm)
Weight: 0.8 lb (0.35 kg)
Material: Real pine wood, reclaimed poplar tree bark
Color: Natural wood color
Made in the USA by Kentucky artisans
Care Instructions

Clean regularly


8.000 x 6.000 x 9.000


1 lb