Oriole Bird Feeder

2-Way Feeder for Jelly and Oranges, Handmade in Kentucky
$19.99 USD

Introducing our delightful handmade wooden oriole bird feeder! This charming feeder is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of these beautiful birds. Crafted with care by skilled artisans in Kentucky, this feeder provides rustic elegance, making it a perfect addition to any backyard or garden.
One of the key features of this feeder is its 2-way design, allowing you to offer a variety of treats to attract orioles. It features a spike to hang a fresh half orange, providing the birds with a juicy and nutritious snack. In addition, there is a bowl to hold jelly or nectar, a favorite treat that orioles adore.
Our feeder is colored in bright orange. This color acts as a beacon, catching the attention of orioles from afar. In addition to orioles, there are other birds that will enjoy these fruit treats including Scarlet Tanagers, Catbirds, Mockingbirds, Cedar Waxwings, and House Finches.
Bring the beauty of nature to your backyard with this hand crafted oriole bird feeder. Not only will you be supporting local artisans, but you'll also be creating a welcoming haven for these lovely birds.

Use half an orange, tangerine, or clementine; replace often to keep fruit fresh
Preferred kinds of jelly are grape jelly or orange marmalade
Orioles live in the Eastern U.S. to as far west as Montana. They migrate south in the fall and return in April.
Size: 9 in. tall by 6 in. deep by 4 in. wide (23x15x10 cm.)
Peg for orange half is 1.5 in. long (3.8 cm.), cup holds 1/4 cup jelly, platform is 5.25 x 4 in.
Material: Pine wood, asphalt shingle, stainless steel cup, outdoor use friendly
Mounting: Mount on pole or tree, screw included
Care: Wipe feeder with damp cloth, feeder cup is dishwasher safe
Made in USA
Care Instructions

Clean Regularly


6.000 x 6.000 x 10.000


1.1 lb