1 Gallon Empty Paint Can + 1 Quart Empty Paint Can (Combo 2-Pack)

Unlined Metal Cans w/ Lids
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1 Gallon Can and 1 Quart Can: Convenient combo pack for mix & match use. Gallon can has bale. Both have pop open lids.
Traditional Use: Unlined cans are recommended for solvents and oil-based products. In contrast, if you use using water or latex-based products, you may prefer a lined paint can.
Non-traditional Use: These unlined cans have a pretty shiny silver surface (tin) and are attractive for craft projects and creative gift packaging such as Father's Day "gift wrap". Or use for storage in tool room (nails, screws, etc.) or sewing room (buttons, notions). Can surface is not rated for food storage, but if food is in its own protective paper or plastic, it is acceptable.
Alternative Use: Unlined cans work well to make emergency heaters or hobo stoves.
Gallon can: 8 in. tall 6.75 in. diameter. Opening 5.5 in. diameter. Weight with lid 12 oz.
Quart can: 5 in. tall, 4.25 in. diameter, Opening 3.12 in. Weight with lid 4.2 oz.
Care Instructions

Hand wash for best results


6.900 x 8.000 x 7.600


1.4 lb

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