1 Gallon Glass Kombucha Jar w/ Cotton Cloth Cover & Plastic Lid for Storage

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Our Kombucha brewing jar set includes the following:

- 1 gallon clear glass Kombucha jar, food safe and perfect for the task
- Breathable cotton Kombucha jar cover cloth for use when brewing; tight-woven cloth for bug resistance (DON'T buy cheesecloth, it will let bugs through!)
- Rubber band for holding on cloth
- Plastic screw on lid that is great for using when not in use, or to store your brew if you don't choose to bottle it. You can also use this jar to store SCOBY's.

This jar is also suitable for other kitchen uses including sun tea, cold brew coffee, yogurt making and more.
Capacity 1 gallon / 4 quarts; height 10.5 inches, diameter 6 inches
BPA-free plastic lid, lead free food grade glass, chemical free all-natural cloth cover
SKU: CBKit001