16oz Square Glass Foaming Soap Dispensers (2-Pack)

Clear Bottle w/ Bronze Color Pump
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DIY foaming soap--Mix liquid soap or castile soap with water for hand soap (Instructions below).
Premixed foaming soap--Just pour in premix foaming soap mixture
Mix bath gel with water for foaming shower wash
Mix dish soap with water for convenient quick wash-ups
Use by your bathroom sink, kitchen sink, office restroom, shower & more

Advantages of glass:
No worries about BPA & safer with essential oils
Heavier so less easy to tip, stands on counter well
More elegant, attractive next to your sink
Clear glass shows off your contents and easy to see when running low

Benefits of foaming soap bottles:
Cost savings--Use 80% less soap
Water savings--Use less water
Time efficient: No standing there trying to get lather to form

Glass bottles
Elegant square design
Big capacity: 16 oz = 2 cups = 475 ml
Size: 7.5 in. tall (with pump open); 3.1 inch sides
Weight: Each bottle with pump 12.5 ounces
Material: Glass bottles (lead-free); plastic pump tops
Locking pump top: easy lock, to unlock, line up pump with indentation on neck
Color: Clear glass bottles with bronze coated OR silver color pump tops. New and improved version 2019.
Instructions: Fill with 1 2/3 cup water and 1/3 cup liquid soap [no lotion]. Or use premixed foaming soap solution. Note: Line up pump with indentation on neck to unlock. Caution: This is for foaming soap. Make sure you don't use soap without adding water. It NEEDS to be a ratio of 1 to 5 soap to water. Also, don't use soap that has lotion added as it won't foam. When using oil, just use a few drops to avoid clogging the pump or inhibiting foam. Compatible with Dr. Bronner's castile soap.
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