16oz Square Glass Foaming Soap Dispensers (2-Pack)

Foamer Pump Bottles
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Foaming soap dispensers are versatile tools suited for various household locations, including bathrooms, kitchens, and office restrooms. They are designed to mix liquids like dish soap, bath gel, and liquid hand soap with water to create a foaming product that is economical and efficient, using up to 80% less soap and less water compared to traditional dispensers. This feature also saves time, eliminating the need to generate lather manually. Additionally, their glass construction not only enhances aesthetic appeal next to sinks but also offers a sturdy, tip-resistant and sanitary option free from BPA concerns. The clear glass allows for easy visibility to monitor soap levels. These bottles come with a large capacity and a locking pump top designed for easy use.
Care Instructions

Hand Wash


7.100 x 3.600 x 8.400


1.7 lb

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