2oz Clear Plastic Jars (120-Pack)

$69.99 USD

Enjoy our convenient economy pack of 120 storage jars for kitchen, makeup containers and general household use. You can use for:

Kitchen--spices, condiments, dips, portion control, powders
Cosmetics--balms, aromatherapy essential oil blends, sunscreen, face cream, travel
General household--paper clips, thumb tacks, screws, tacks, nuts, bolts, office supplies, hardware
Arts and crafts storage--buttons, beads, sequins, nail art stickers, glitter
Travel--Cosmetics, earrings, medicine, pills [TSA-approved size]


Capacity--2 fluid ounces = 4 tablespoons = 1/4 cup (maximum capacity)
Size--2.4 inch diameter by 1 3/8 inch tall
Lightweight--each jar .8 oz
Label space--side label .5 inch high by 7.1 inch circumference; lid label 1.4 inch diameter
Color--clear transparent jar with black lid
Material--jars are BPA-free food safe #1 PET plastic; lids are BPA-free food safe #5 PP plastic, liners are also BPA-free PP foam

Liners are removable
Do not put in dishwasher, hand wash for best results
Not suitable for hot food or microwave use
Freezer safe
Travel size, TSA-approved size
Low profile small jar, large 1.9 inch mouth opening
Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe


13.000 x 14.250 x 22.000


6.88 lb